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The Faculty of Functional Food and Wine, established in 2015, is the first domestic functional food and wine college which is the integration of excellent teachers of pharmaceutical disciplines related to functional food and a characteristic college of the university for the cultivation of the enlarged health field in China established by the university in line with the national development strategy of "healthy China" and the needs of Liaoning Province for characteristics of food science, high-level and innovative talents.

Before the establishment of the faculty, relying on the School of Traditional Chinese Materia Medica which set up pharmacy (Food Pharmacy Direction) in 2007, it founded grape and wine engineering in 2013, which was approved as the first-class major in Liaoning Province in June 2019, and food quality and safety major was added in 2019 and the first enrollment was made. After the establishment of the faculty, in accordance with the professional revision requirements of the Undergraduate Specialty Catalogue of Higher Institutions, the pharmacy (Food Pharmacy Direction) major was changed into food science and engineering major in 2016. It has one master's degree in food science and engineering and one master's degree in food engineering.

At present, the faculty has food science and engineering teaching and research office, grape and wine engineering teaching and research office, food quality and safety teaching and research office and functional food and wine experimental teaching center (the demonstration center of Liaoning experimental teaching). The center not only has GC-MS, LC-MS, GC, HPLC, automatic wine analyzer and other foreign imported advanced teaching instruments and equipment, but also a full set of modern pilot test equipment from grape crushing, wine fermentation, aging to bottling, and a wine tasting room with international standards. In 2017, it successfully obtained the qualification certification training center authorized by WSET (British wine and Spirits Education Foundation, international professional wine certification agency). It has 4 hectares (60 acres of land) practical teaching vineyard.

The faculty has the strong academic atmosphere and solid scientific research. It has 1 International Cooperation Office (China EU Grape and Wine Cooperation Office), 2 provincial engineering technology research centers (Liaoning plant polyphenol research and development engineering technology research center, Liaoning modern separation of natural products and industrialization equipment and engineering technology research center), 1 Provincial Key Laboratory (biological activity evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharide in Liaoning Province), 1 Municipal Key Laboratory (screening and evaluation of material basis of Chinese medicine efficacy). Relying on five scientific research teams led by famous professors such as "plant polyphenol research team", "functional food innovation talent team", "food and wine quality analysis and control innovation talent team", "grape and wine modern technology innovation team", "food and wine microorganism innovation talent team", scientific research is carried out.

The faculty has the vigorous and professional teaching staff. There are 36 faculty members and 25 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 13 associate professors; 23 with doctor's degree and 2 with master's degree. At present, there are 1 “climbing” scholar in Liaoning Province, 1 expert enjoying special government allowance, 1 distinguished professor in Liaoning Province and leading talent in Shenyang, 3 top talents and 1 senior talent. There are 1 excellent young and middle-aged backbone teacher, 2 provincial famous teachers and 2 school level famous teachers. At the same time, two Portuguese experts Joao Ramos and Paulo Ramos were invited as international teachers. Professor Zhu Beiwei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Nuno Canada, President of Portuguese Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Dr Paulo Barros, expert of International OIV Organization, were invited as visiting professors. The talent team has a high starting point and a wide academic vision.

Adhering to the value concept of "promising, developing, healthy and harmonious", the faculty strives to strengthen the quality engineering of undergraduate and graduate students, constantly improve the training system of innovative practical ability, further improve the quality and level of talent training, give full play to the advantages of its own and international cooperation, and gradually build a functional food of scientific research, development and achievement transformation that has certain influence at domestic and abroad in relevant fields and wine talent training base and technological innovation base.